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Nikki Swain



Nikki Swain is the CFO of Kid4Vets, a veterans organization whose ultimate goal is to help our veterans overcome the tragedies of war to become the most successful, well adjusted generation of our nation’s service men and women.

Nikki is 31 years old and was raised in a Presbyterian household.  Growing up, Nikki was involved in many mission projects ranging from painting houses, helping the homeless, repairing roofs after hurricane Katrina, and many other projects that aim to help others.

Recently, Nikki has again realized her love to help others become the best they can be.  It all started when she was approached to model for a calendar that helped the Disabled Homeless Veterans of St. Petersburg.  So Nikki decided to start a veterans organization.  Starting a veterans organization has opened many doors to help others in her community and across the nation.  As a veterans organization, we can help many nonprofit organizations across the U.S.  Nikki’s organization is aimed at helping the military veterans of the United States of America.

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Amy Reid



Biography coming soon!

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2010 - present

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