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Homeless Veterans into Housing

We work with local veterans organizations to assist homeless veterans into housing. We transport veterans to/from local VA clinics for appointments, schedule appointments for veterans with special needs, aid veterans moving into new housing with furniture and moving needs, etc. We also aid veterans in moving through housing assistance programs like HUD VASH and other veteran programs.

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Ride 4 Veterans


Ride 4 Veterans was established to raise awareness and funding to assist local veterans, first responders and individuals in need in your area.  

Kids 4 Vets is putting your club or organization in charge. Each club or chapter that holds a fundraiser shall determine which veterans, first responders or other persons in need in their community receive the grant.   

Now, motorcycle, car, bicycle, boating groups and any business can hold events, then see your money at work in your community. 

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Veterans Reef Project


Volusia County just approved the first offshore private reef site for our nonprofit. We are looking for community support in our efforts to create the reef system off of the Ponce Inlet and eventually on the inland waters.

This Reef system will both clean the water and create habitat for marine life.

All donations will remain local.

More Programs to Come!


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