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From Homeless to a Home

When we met Bob, he was homeless living on the streets of Bradenton, FL. Bob is a Navy Veteran who served during the Vietnam war. He was homeless for several years and suffers from multiple medical conditions to include a tracheotomy from throat cancer and a feeding tube. He was low on weight when we found him due to lack of proper nutrition and his living situation. 

Bob agreed to go to the local Salvation Army to complete the HUD VASH program that would help him qualify for all the necessities for his low income housing assistance. This process normally takes 2-6 months. With our help, Bob flew through the process and completed the program within 1 month!

Now Bob is in his own apartment and has gotten all the necessities to make this apartment his home. He truly is a shining example of what we strive to do here at Kids 4 Vets. 

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