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Our ultimate goal is to help our Veterans overcome the tragedies of war to become the most successful, well adjusted generation of our Nation’s service men and women.


Mission Statement

The mission at Kids 4 Vets is to honor, praise, support, and aid all Veterans of the US Military.


About Us


At Kids 4 Vets, we help homeless veterans into housing through programs like HUD VASH, and other local programs. Ride 4 Veterans was established to raise awareness and funding to assist local veterans, first responders and individuals in need in your area. We are also creating a reef system off of Volusia County. This artificial reef system will both clean the water and create habitat for marine life for future generations.


We serve all branches of the U.S. military in all locations. Comprised of nearly 4 million people, the U.S. military community has proven to be one of the largest, most responsive sub-cultures today.

How Kids 4 Vets Helps Veterans

  • We raise money for veterans in need through TikTok and other social media platforms

  • To provide and aid veterans and first responders in your local community

  • Artificial Reef Projects around Florida

  • Kids 4 Vets serves in many more ways as well....


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